Free Printable Word Searches

Come on in and have a browse around our free printable word searches to find the best puzzle to get your little grey cells buzzing

To make it a bit easier (hopefully) to find the word search to suit you, we've grouped them as follows:


Word searches at the easy (ish) level have approx. 20 - 30 words to find. Words go in all 8 directions and may overlap but do not share letters.


Word searches at the medium level have approx. 25 - 40 words to look for. Words go in all 8 directions and may overlap and share one or more letters


Word searches at the hard level hard have approx. 40 - 70 words to find. Words go in all 8 directions and may overlap and share one or more letters. For those who like a bit of a challenge.

If you want a printable word search puzzle with lots of words then why not have a go at The Big One (100 words!)

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Solutions to all of the hard word searches on this page and most of the harder puzzles on the site can be found below:

Solutions A - C

Solutions D - H

Solutions L - N

Solutions P - W

Happy Puzzling!



WWI Poets & Poetry Gone Fishing

Making Movies
Egypt & The Dynasties

Classics of the 1930's Weather Words

Bands of the 90s Astronomical delights
Land of the Dinosaurs

Herbs Living in the U.S.A.

Vitamins and minerals American Operas

Cat Lovers Quest Classic T.V.
Horses for courses

Fruity Feeling Dog Lovers

C.S.I. Las Vegas E.R.
Sweet tooth

C.S.I. Miami The Simpsons

Anyone for Tennis? Words with 'ing'
The Lovely Sandra

StarTrek old & New Little Gems
Early MGM Musicals

Ship Ahoy 80s T.V.
In His Own Words

Sporty Athletics Desperate Housewives
C.S.I. New York

Stars Real Names Bafa Birds
Joan Cusak

Solar System Politicians
Bette Davis

Recent Europe The Beach Boys

S.A.T.C. Spacey
Anniversary Waltz

Marvel Heroes United States
Canterbury Tales

NFL Teams - New Golf Fan
Architectural styles Hits of the 90s
Rulers of the Roman Empire Harry Potter (Adults)
Classic screen stars The Big One
Popular Films At the Box office

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