Christmas Word Searches

Welcome to our Christmas Word Searches selection.

We've got 2 bumper word searches plus a few quick and easy and of course kids words search.

The Bumper Christmas Carol Word Search has been re-designed with a new grid (same words, different puzzle) that prints onto one page.

The Night before Christmas puzzle prints onto 3 pages; 1 grid page and 2 word list pages.

There is a hidden message in Santa's Reindeer and Christmas Theme.

If you would like to see the messages please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Bumper Christmas Carol Word Search (62 words) re-designedThe Night Before Christmas (Excerpt 111 words)
Christmas CarolsSanta's Reindeer (kids)
Christmas Theme (kids)Christmas Theme
Happy New Year

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Santa's Reindeer message - And of course Rudolph.

Christmas Theme message - Good tidings and a merry christmas to you.